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As Pool Safety Inspectors we are qualified to understand how the current laws apply to your pool/spa. However, we do realise that not everybody will have a complete understanding of these new laws and therefore, may not be fully prepared for an inspection.
To make things easier, Andersson Pool Safety has put together the following checklist. It would be most advisable to have a read through and ensure that you address all of these areas PRIOR to an inspection. This may well help in your pool/spa passing it's inspection and could save you money in the long run.


Phone number:
0416 229 597

After hours contact number:
07 55 109 222


07 55 109 227

Pool Safety Inspector Licence nr: 101377

CPR Signs - Your resuscitation signs should be visible from the pool area.

Access: -
You should not have any doors that open directly from your house into your pool area.
You should have security screens or opening restrictions to 100ml on any windows that open directly into your pool area.

Fences:- All surrounding fences must be a t least 1.2m high.
Gaps in fencing must be less than 100mm.
The non-climbable portion of all fencing must be at least 900mm
If you apply 15kg force to fenc rails, you should not create a gap of greater than 105mm
There should be no horizontal footholds on the fencing greater than 10mm wide.

Climbable Objects:-
Any objects that would offer a foothold of at least 10mm should be at least 900mm away from the OUTSIDE of the fence and should be 300mm away from the INSIDE of the fence.

Pool Gates:-
All pool gates must be self closing/latching and should swing in the direction AWAY from your pool. All latches should be at least 1.5m high.
Hinges should be at least 900m apart or capped.

Gardening: Ensure that you trim any branches/growth around the pool area that may act as climbable objects.

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Pool Safety Inspector Licence nr: 101377
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BSA no: 1023974
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